Residential Care Programme                         


"Children are our most valuable natural resource."
Herbert Hoover


Not all human beings are the same; the difference is derived due to human and natural causes. The unequal human ground has direct influence on the growing children too. Not all the children will have the same privilege and opportunity; to learn, to play, to eat, to have a rest of leisure and to be with friends. The   social, economic, political, cultural and allied situational factors contribute to the holistic development of the children. An amiable ambience contribute significantly to the development of the child during the formative period.      


According to the official estimates about 56.4% of the Indian population are below the poverty line. According to Global agencies, the people living below the poverty line find it hard to get one meal a day apart from other basic amenities required for a normal human being. It should be agreed that a visible disparity craters the human society.  One of the possible solutions would be to identify, provide space and opportunities for the deprived children, so that the entire human kind would realize the crux of the parity and harmony. 





The prime objective of the programme includes,

Providing opportunities for the deserving children in the society through systematic interventions

Facilitating better options to augment the quality of lives of the children by contributing to meet their physical, spiritual, intellectual and social needs

Advocating the rights of the Child that would significantly contribute to the entirety of the society.


Intervention of CSIBCC



Since the inception of the Council, this issue is sensitively addressed by conceptualising and implementing programme designed to meet the context. The programme comprehensively addresses the situation by providing alternate residential option for leading towards enhancing their quality of life through systematic education and by creating facilitative environment.        





Providing comprehensive physical nurture and health care facilities

Supporting and facilitating academic interest (in individual’s area of interest)

Imparting spiritual nurture and value oriented education

Providing opportunities to enhance their personality by developing the leadership abilities, identifying and encouraging latent talents.

Instilling in the children the sense of social realities, social responsibilities and the role of advocacy

Educating the Children about the ecology and encourage them to participate in the ecological conservation initiatives

Facilitating means for acquiring skills for employment and entrepreneurship to make them self reliant.







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