Programme for Children at Risk                                                                            



“The ultimate criterion for gauging the integrity of society . . . is the way it treats children, particularly the poorest and most vulnerable ones.” (UNICEF)


Social Security, Personal Surety and undisturbed social living are some of the significant aspects that contribute to the sustainable development of the children. The unrelenting economic and social fluctuations have taken direct toll on the growth and development of the children. It should be agreed that the children are vulnerable and become victims in life situations in terms of security, human rights and social living. The collective social and economic circumstances threaten the normal life and future of the children in many ways.


In India, varied gradations in the social and economic palettes are explicated through poverty, malnutrition, sanitation problems and cluttered shelters. Global developmental and relief agencies estimate about 11 million children live in the Indian streets. Also more than 2 million Indians are living with HIV/AIDS. Scanning the statistics and ramifications in detail will reveal the unenviable conditions in the lives of millions of the children. The council through various programmes addresses this contextual challenges the childhood and such children whose future is at risk if not intervened appropriately. 





Promoting inclusive values to enfold the children and enable mainstreaming

Providing avenues for personal, academic and professional formation

Facilitating and reinforcing the rights of the child in their context.

Instilling assertiveness and self confidence to make them self confident and self reliant individuals

Encouraging the children to be creative and innovative that would help construct the better prospects 


Intervention of CSIBCC 



Considering the social realities, CSIBCC is supporting diversified and contextual programmes to meet the challenges faced by children who are vulnerable and exploited in their environment. Some of the Programmes for the Children at risk currently in operation are

Programmes to attend and care for the burns victims

Projects for children and families infected and affected by HIV/AIDS

Projects for street children and working children

Programmes for empowering children and young women under threat of sexual abuse and other social evils

Services and guidance on vocational and skill development for unemployed youth


The Operational Strategies


Provide and facilitate medical and surgical interventions

Facilitate and provide access to Highly Active Anti Retro Viral Treatment for the HIV/AIDS infected individuals

Prevention of Parent to Child Transmission of HIV/AIDS.

Care and counsel the Children and individuals living with HIV/AIDS

Provide and mediate counselling sessions for the children and young people at risk  

Comprehensive and integrated care for the vulnerable children in aspects of education, health and vocational opportunities

Prevention of women and child trafficking and empower them

Advocacy on child rights 









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