Community Focussed Child Development -CFCD           


Contributing towards sustainable development in the life situation of the marginalized communities with focus on children - thrust on Early Childhood Care, Education, Health, Empowerment of Women,Livelihood Opportunities Community Based Organisations. Each projects cover about 20 to 30 villages, which are predominantly inhabited by dalits and tribal populations who are deprived of basic facilities of life.To ensure sustainability, CFCD Projects of CCCYC ensure that:


At the Household level, there is a change in behaviour, which can promote good practices along with their ability to access those services through better income & knowledge
At the Service Level, service providers are sensitized towards delivering quality services to children and communities from marginalized areas.
Families & Communities are made aware of their rights and entitlements, and also help motivate pressure groups to demand their rights from the duty bearers.
They are thus encouraged to identify and seize opportunities that are available in the market to raise and sustain their incomes.
  Communities are empowered to manage shocks and disasters in both the individual household level and also at the community level through community institutions and their federations.
  Communities with their local governance systems are enabled to have adequate institutional capacities to identify and respond to future challenges and address them effectively even after the Project withdrawal.



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