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Reminiscing the past helps us to move ahead with confidence in whatever endeavours we have embarked on. CSIBCC in partnership with KNH Germany has various programmes to serve the underprivileged sections of the society to help realize and celebrate life in its fullness. The partnership was nurtured with the guiding principle of serving and seeking, supporting the deserving and unrecognised sections of our society in line with the Matthew 25:40 and 18:5.


This partnership continues to intervene and interact with the real time situations and challenges posed in our context in various facets. The partnership has been mutually enriching and complementing the realization of the divine gospel mandate. The benefits of various programmes of CSIBCC implemented through the Dioceses and Churches have reached many individuals and communities; the intensity of our work is explicit through their life stories.


We continue to interact with the context through the set of programmes designed according to the context and situation.


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